Need an Expert Local Tour Guide in Istanbul?

If you say ‘Yes, I need a Tour Guide in Istanbul’, please keep reading because you will find useful tips and also can hire the most talented and expert locals guides for your coming trip.

Guide in Istanbul

In such a crowded and cosmopolit city like Istanbul, It is not always clear where to eat, what to eat, how to go and more. Istanbul is perhaps not the most accessible city to stroll for first-time visitors. At the meeting point of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey with about 16 million population. Its deep history goes back to Second Millenia BC and Istanbul was the capital of three big empires; Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. Its population is overwhelmingly muslim but also Christian and Jewish communities have been living in peace in Istanbul for centuries.

Touring in Istanbul with a guide is the most convenient and comfortable way to discover and experience the hustle and bustle of the city.

Guides will make Your Holiday More Memorable

Guide in Istanbul

It requires a bit of knowledge to see the mosques, palaces, and museums conveniently since their opening times are not consistent nor are their locations congruent. Then having a local tour guide in Istanbul is a big advantage. They can make your Istanbul Tours convenient, enjoyable, safe and educational.

Also, you will be always safe, convenient and feel yourself in the hands of true professionals with a local tour guide. First, all the guides have to had a great education. When they get into a building, they examine it like an Architect; talk about its past and what happened there like a Historian; inform about its resistance, construction methods like an Engineer; takes pro-cautions for accidents like a Health & Safety Expert. Incase of an injury they are the First Aid Officers by you. They all have a knowledge about Politics but also they are Fun and can make your day.

After spending few days with them, you will have the feeling of ‘You know them for a long time and They are one of your Close friend or family member’.

How Can I book a Guide and How much are the Rates?

Then, we will kindly invite you to visit our GUIDE LISTING PAGE where you can review the specifications and interests of each guide.

Guide fees starts around 120,00 USD and can go more depends on season, qualifications and number of group.

Guide in Istanbul

If you can not speak any Turkish and have no conception of its scale then it becomes very chaotic. Please see our All About Istanbul page to learn more about city.

We also recommend you to check Travel Tips page to read more about Istanbul

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